As clearly stated on our local and corporate website, in printed materials and in our advertising, OsteoStrong is NOT a gym.  We provide ancillary/allied health services for people with Osteoporosis, Type II Diabetes, joint pain, balance issues and more.

On March 24, 2020, the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), the country’s leading health organization representing 10 million Americans who suffer from Osteoporosis, strongly urged members of congress that during the COVID-19 Pandemic, patients should be able to continue their treatments without interruption in an effort to avoid devastating, life altering events.   

Osteogenic Loading Therapy is a health improvement intervention that can restore and maintain optimal physical and sensory functions in persons at risk of Osteoporosis and Type II Diabetes.  As such, it meets the definition of an allied health modality.  

At OsteoStrong Happy Valley we are implementing an elevated safety protocol to ensure we serve our members safely.  Here is the short version of our protocol.  A more detailed document is available upon request. 

  1. Appointments will be scheduled in a manner that ensures
    1. Volume control of daily traffic 
    2. Ample time to properly disinfect between sessions
    3. Maintenance of a 6 ft. distance between all persons in the center
    4. Minimal time in the center
  2. All persons entering the center will be screened prior to entry.
  3. Masks are mandatory – please bring your own. 
  4. Hand washing will be performed by all members and coaches before/after each session.  
  5. We will be minimizing contact with clients and using verbal cues to coach on the devices.  

If you decide to set your appointment, please note:

  1. STAY HOME if you, or a family member, has symptoms or hasn’t felt well in the past 72 hours.
  2. Bring a mask (we won’t let you in without it).
  3. Please wait outside until you are screened.
  4. You’ll be asked to wash your hands prior to session. 
  5. A few of our modalities are not available during this time.