REMS Portland

For all Portland area residents concerned about bone health and osteoporosis, we have some important news for you.

Meet REMS—Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry. It’s now available in Portland and it’s a breakthrough in bone density assessment.

Traditional DEXA scans have been used for years, but they have their limitations. REMS technology addresses these issues, offering precise and reliable results.

REMS is free from harmful ionizing radiation and reads only bone tissue, filtering out artifacts like osteophytes and degenerative changes. This means a clearer and more accurate assessment.

REMS doesn’t depend on the operator or the patient’s position, ensuring consistent results every time. It also evaluates the internal structure and quality of your bones, giving you a comprehensive view of your bone health.

With REMS, you’ll receive two key measurements: the BMD T-score, which measures bone mineral density, and the Fragility Score, which assesses the microarchitecture and strength of your bones.

To learn more, visit and schedule your bone density assessment today. Take the first step towards better bone health with OsteoStrong Happy Valley.